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Offering Right Market at the Right Time for the Right Price

M Salo and Sons Recycling Ltd is a scrap metal broker and recycler and is owned and operated by Mike. M.S.S.R. operates 7 days a week in the Lower Mainland area of the beautiful, natural South West Coast of British Columbia. We offer 40 years of experience in the scrap metal recycling business. In 2020, we broadened our services to include brokering bulk shipments of scrap metals for busy companies, freeing their time to serve their customers better. Our customers know we follow through month in/month out and offer value beyond price.

Need more details about our business? Feel free to call Mike.

Things to Note

Please note that we require proof of valid vehicle for all cars we buy. Sellers/suppliers must provide us with a valid Government ID, like a valid driver’s license or any other official form of ID, to sell scrap metal to us.

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