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Profitable Electronic Recycling in British Columbia

Are you looking for a scrap broker who can provide you with some quick cash that is worth your scrap? If yes, M Salo and Sons Recycling Ltd is a name you can trust. At M.S.S.R., we strive to keep your investments profitable. We broker scrap metal to foundries and mills and ensure that you get paid quickly to reinvest. From metal scrap removals and scrap car removals to electronic recycling, we provide efficient services across British Columbia and also service Alberta and Washington state. If you're looking for an expert scrap broker that cares about the relationship, the turnaround and the quality of service you receive, then connect with us today.

Receive the Best Possible Price

Are you spending hours, perhaps days on flogging the internet search engines for a profitable sales outlet for your scrap metal? Let M.S.S.R. do all the work while you get the best M.S.S.R. negotiated market price. We negotiate the best possible price for our busy clients from our wide range of dealers, mills, refiners, smelters and re-manufacturer markets who are hungry for your scrap. 

Don't just guess or hope you have the best price. With M.S.S.R., you can be confident!

Electronic Recycling

We cannot deny the explosive growth of the electronic industry, which has led to an escalating issue of bulk e-waste production. At M.S.S.R., we recycle the following eScrap:


Hard drives

Modems and cables

Computer chip

Finger and circuit boards

Our Services

At M.S.S.R., we handle the following metal and scrap recycling services:

Cash for junk cars (on wheels) running or not

Roll-off bin service to your business

Brokering container loads of scraps - local and overseas

Ferrous metal recycling

Non-ferrous metals recycling:


304 and 316 stainless steel


Copper, including pipes, bare and insulated wires, sheets, borings, and more

Old catalytic converters

Lead-acid battery recycling

Air conditioners and HVAC units

Have something you don’t see here? Ask us about it!

Our Gallery

Have a look at some of the scrap items we have dealt in before hiring our services.

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